Why Exhibit ?

5 Reasons to join the Show

Opportunity To Showcase Your Products

The industry develops the collection on the basis of season I.e., Spring Summer & Autumn Winter and our trade shows enables them to showcase their products and innovations to their buyers very conveniently during the show time. At one place, a supplier can showcase more than 100 garments, which will be difficult when a supplier visit the offices of their buyers to meet them personally. The suppliers get ample time to establish a discussion with the buyers about their products and developments, these discussion may later convert into a business transaction.

Leading Brands At The Show

Leading brands, retailers, factories and buying houses not only from domestic market but also from the overseas travel to visit the Denimsandjeans Show. Since the entry in the show is on the basis of Invitation, only serious buyers/decision makers are invited to visit the show. A Supplier gets to meet its not only existing buyers but also gets some leads for new business opportunities.


The show offers a very good platform for brand awareness. In a go, a supplier reaches to thousands of people. The details of the show and the products which are going to be showcased at the show are regularly posted on our denim fashion website www.denimsandjeans.com under pre and post show promotion campaign.


The platform integrates the entire industry under one roof, people come, meet and talk about it, that’s itself a value addition to any trade show. If the biggest players of a particular industry meets at any show, a good business is expected to generate.

Knowledge Sharing Platform

Suppliers will be able to get an opportunity to attend the various knowledge sharing sessions where the international denim experts participate and educate the attendees about the new trends, technology and innovation through presentations and panel discussions. The engaging discussions at the show help to understand the understanding of the industry towards new innovations and developments.

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